frequently asked questions

Is this a real product?
At the moment, it is not commercially available for customers. We have a couple dozen of working prototypes and we are working on it to make it to the market.

Is it compatible with Playstation or Xbox?
As a completely novel and different periphery, it is unfortunately not compatible with existing gaming consoles. However, it can be used on PC with games that are compatible.

What games are compatible with the controller?
Any game with 3D navigation such as Rocket League and all the major airplane/spaceship simulator titles: Elite Dangerous, Everspace 2, Star Citizen, Star Wars Squadron, Warthunder, etc. are already compatible with the controller. We are working on making the Gemini compatible with even more games in the future.

Why there are no buttons on the controller?
The design featured in videos and pictures shows a work-in-progress product that will have MOAAAR buttons for sure.

Why do you think it could be a viable replacement for any HOTAS/HOSAS/HOMAS setup?
The sophisticated and often expensive flight simulator peripheries are excellent for real-life simulation enthusiasts, but for more casual gamers, a controller with an enhanced analog input controls can be a perfect hybrid solution. They don’t have to choose between versatility and comfort anymore. 

When it’s going to be available?
We can’t give an exact or estimated timeframe on when it will be available to gamers. If you want to stay tuned, sign up on our website!

I would like to test it. How can I get my hands on one?
You can join our testing program via email. If you are selected, you can get a dev kit for testing purposes.